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EnlargeIt! v1.1

EnlargeIt! is a little Javascript you may use in your HTML pages. It enlarges thumbnail images beautifully with a mouse click. You can use different animations if you like. You may add AJAX content to your files.


  • really easy to integrate
  • works for pictures, flash files, FLV videos, YouTube videos, DivX videos and iframes
  • enlarge several files at the same time
  • grouping of and navigation between files
  • optional title bar and buttons
  • several options to individually style your border
  • easily add AJAX content - e. g. desciption pages - to your images
  • supports hidden call of a counter page
  • lightweight - the javascript file is only 11 - 22 Kbyte in size
  • works with any web browser of the last years - see manual for details
  • under GNU GPL 3.0 license for free software

Watch the examples

Play with the Demo Machine

EnlargeIt! Building Blocks

Read the operation manual

Download EnlargeIt 1.1 (3 MB)

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